When in Doubt, MacGyver The Situation!

It is without a doubt that once you’re able to kung-fu [solve] a problem, you end up with another.

My office desk is like a refuge to me. There’s a desktop and a pinboard full of pink post-its, inspirational copy and books. There’s crackers, Starbucks ice-cups that I recycle and even containers of assorted tea with soothing properties. Yes, its like a home to me. I have magazine stacked in a corner, a paper-bag full of other plastic and paper-bags..and beauty products. In a nutshell, despite my desk being jam-packed with desk-festivities, its quite a mess.

However, a mess does not bother me. Headphones do. I love the kinds where you push the speakers into your ears and the rubber pod keeps it in. But not mine. It slips out every 5 minutes, and it has weight. Weight that causes an impact when it hits the ground. That impact, makes my heart stop.

So, what do I do? Whine? Hell, no! Well, maybe a little bit to myself, but really..


Like a movie, the sequence runs fast, with the camera’s focus on my tools!





Yes, juvenile problem-solving. But still, it’s bound to keep me happy for a few days.


But on the beauty side of this matter, I did manage to figure out a couple of tricks. Perhaps they have been solved before, but never bothered to do some research, but still, don’t you just love that moment when you discover a solution to a problem? I do. And it makes me proud.

I’m really in a rush to write this [as there's a package right on my desk and I promised myself that I can only open it after I finish this post..and I also have work commitments lol], but I’ll do my best to grace this post with more poise. Yes, Im’ma MacGyver this, too!

1. Roots

I remember I had blonde highlights and how it made me look so fresh and bubbly. I also remember when maintaining highlights got expensive and I couldn’t afford it anymore. I also remember aching to buy a box of dye to go back to dark brown hair.

My boyfriend liked that I had highlights and also suggested that letting the roots grow out for that dual-toned effect would be cool and is quite the trend back in the States. Now that I think of it, I find it amusing that my boyfriend gives me advise on what’s trendy (He’s so versatile and knowledgable *swoon*). I was at war with the decision of letting my roots grow because I personally thought it made me look..I don’t know..Dirty? Like messy and badly groomed. But then again, I was curious about the idea, and waited for my natural color to grow. It was just about an inch or two..and my god, it was horrible. It was almost a month and I thought it just looked bad.

The waiting process of reaching the desired state of your hair can be an excruciating experience. Despite being quite a patient person, my hair really gets to me. I am one of those people who has a bad hair day like 80% of the day, and can’t really afford to maintain it with treatments and style.

Macgyver the Situation

With my impatience boiling, I went out and bought dye as close to my natural color, dark brown. I was about to dye my entire head, and then I thought to myself, I could cheat! And cheat this look, I did. I had hair about 6 or 7 inches below my shoulder so I dyed just about 45% of my hair, with focus on the top-half of my hair.

In truth, it didn’t look as good as I wanted it to. I did some research on celebrities who donned the look, and although I do know they probably use this trick too, they probably did more. Also it helps getting it done with the help of a pro! However, I did leave it on for about 2 weeks, and dyed all my hair dark brown.

2. Manicures

I love Vaseline. Its a multi-tasking product that can solve a lot problems. I love Vaseline for healing my cracked heels. But what can Vaseline do for your manicure?

Well, I am sure you know that applying Vaseline on your hairline when you’re dying your hair keeps the dye from staining your skin. Well, it does just the same with nail polish.

Macgyver the Situation

I’m not quite neat when it comes to applying nail polish, but I practise. But it is an inevitable fact that your nail is not the only one to be splattered with polish. In general, Acetone really is the best substance to use to remove little gooby splats, but Vaseline has one pro; It doesn’t rub away your nail polish. I’m clumsy, so using removers to wipe little stains away puts my manicure at risk. And applying nail polish successfully that it looks well-done, does not come easy for me!

Its really a simply trick. Simply use a Q-tip, dip it some Vaseline and start rubbing it around the nail. Just remember, NOT on the nail. I’m talking about the bit of your skin closest to your nail. The Vaseline provides this film over your nail polish so when you wipe the Vaseline away, it strips the nail polish away too! Any petroleum-jelly does the trick, really. Just remember to use a new and clean Q-tip to wipe the nail polish and remaining Vaseline away. I recommend doing this AFTER the nail polish has dried to avoid any cotton fuzz to stick to the polish.

So there we go, 2 new ideas to turn you into a Beauty MacGyver. I will certainly post a lot more beauty tricks. Do you have any of your own tricks?

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