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I love it when it rains early in the morning and even more when it continues to rain the whole day!

It might be terrible weather for some, but the rain leaves me with a little sense of relief. It leaves me with the feeling that God has washed away my troubles, and the damp roads and paths are now cleansed, waiting for a new chapter.

My earlier post this week, Love Yourself Beautiful left me feeling that this week would be all about self-image.

As I stated, acceptance and confidence are the two crucial steps to coming closer to a more beautiful you. If it’s a matter of weight-loss, always remember that the only methods of doing it right, is to exercise and eat right. But still weight-loss is not just about the body. Your mind too plays a pivotal role in the process.

I have read and experienced the painful effects of Yo-yo Dieting. They’re absolutely demotivating and not to mention, it’s very unhealthy for one’s body to endure the repeated increase and decrease in your weight.

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If you’re planning to alter your eating lifestyle, I would highly recommend seeing a nutritionist first and also getting a blood test as physical data to find what needs to be corrected. A little scientific, but trust me, it helps. But more importantly, you will know what your body is lacking, and what  it’s craving. And by craving, I mean what it needs, like potassium, sodium…all those things that end with -ums and -trates.

My recent blood tests showed I am anemic and lack iron and calcium. I still find it hard to believe I lack calcium with all the milk and cheese I consume. Furthermore, I’m extremely overweight.

its not cellulite - its my bodys way of saying im sexy...in braille

I’m 5’3 and weigh about 200lbs. Shocking, I know!  Ideally, I should be 120 lbs, but 120lbs is a little too scrawny for my liking. You shouldn’t worry about being exact when it comes to your BMI, but as we all do, we focus on looking good. And that makes for pretty good motivation.

But motivation isn’t enough in this struggle. Having a partner, friend, family or a personal trainer (if you can afford one) to help keep you on the right track will help you reach your target better than a diet or running 5 miles twice a day. There are moments when I feel so demotivated and feeling like a failure, leads me back to ‘replenishing’ my calories. I end up chomping down a whole bar of chocolate and water down soda.


Before you end up in that guilty position, try calling your partner. Let them tell you that at the end of the road, it will be worth it. Or that you’re beautiful inside and out, but you would sparkle even more if you ignore the chocolate.

Giving chocolate and candies is by far the hardest obstacle I had to overcome. As much as I do crave them, I somehow yearn for them all the time. Now, with exercise in line, I will still indulge in some chocolates at the end of the week, but sometimes I tell myself that I don’t need it. Hey, if I’m a candy addict and can say no, I’m certain you can do it. Maybe even better.

Good luck to you, beautiful. And here’s to new beginnings!


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