I have this weird fascination with bird nests. I can’t justify it, but I think bird eggs are so adorable to look it, especially laying in their nests. It’s beautiful.

Most of my couch-potato sessions involve a halt on either Nat Geo Wild or the Animal Planet. It’s nothing sad, but I find nature documentaries so engaging, and almost therapeutic in some way. You gasp, you cry. Nature documentaries really embody the spirit of story-telling. And its beautiful.

My mom and I found an tiny little nest in one of our hanging plants. I’ve never seen much species of birds except for sparrows, crows, pigeons, and the occasional migrating hawk circling the sky in the afternoons. I have seen a handful of other migrating birds fly pass, but I never really got to see them up close.

They’re two chicks in the nest, plus Momma-bird. I was fascinated by Momma-bird since she had this long tail and yellow feathers underneath. I don’t know what sort of bird she is..but maybe she’s one of these?

Yellow-rumped Warlber, illustrating upper tail coverts (photo by Chuck Tague)

Or this..

But what’s more important is her little babies that are so tiny and so cuddly to look at.

I’m hoping to document them by taking pictures everyday. They’re really so fascinating to me.

Sorry about the blurry picture. 2MP. :(

But speaking of birds and eggs..

Do you know what are the joys in life after Easter?

Chocolates on discount!

I got this “little” baby for less than RM10.

This is a white chocolate egg with crunchy butterscotch pieces.

It’s the size of my palm, but maybe bigger and it  is fantastico!

Australia, I love you.

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