Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I have a shoe collection. It’s nothing to marvel at, but you could say that I own about 15 pairs of shoes, but only wear my Birkenstocks most all the time. I believe it’s about time I got rid of my old shoes and get new ones that are practical, versatile and comfortable!

I browsed through the selection at Zalora, an online store and found a myriad of shoes that left me speechless and laced in an intense desire to shop more!

I know that I’m definitely buying those sequin sandals, and the peep-toe flats in nude and black! An absolute must-have. I adore the colorful pumps too!

Do you fancy any of these shoes? Any recommendations for dear ol’ me?

Shoe Wishlist

The weather is only getting better and better! It’s gone from cool and breezy to pouring and this makes truly happy because sleep is going to be perfect tonight. What a perfect way to end the week!

Goodnight, dolls!


P.S. This is what’s gonna happen tonight…

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