Mad Mondays

“Everyday is a new beginning. Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be”.

 The onomatopoeia, blurgh is definitely my mood for the day.

Just one of those days where I couldn’t care about what the world thought of me. It was the day that I said “Ah, frack it!” to brushing my hair and making a formal work outfit look informal. The day that I couldn’t care that I wore my flip flops to work that had to big hearts on each sandal.

It turned out that I came prepared. The weather was dreadfully humid, and that left me a little dehydrated. Work too was exceptionally hectic in a way that after losing track of what I was doing, I broke down on my desk and cried. I know we all have those moments where we just need a break to slow down and breathe.

The stress from the office has left me a little traumatized which means that this week’s cure for the Monday Blues will be soft cotton pajamas and revisiting the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Again.

But wait..

I can already hear the thunder. Perhaps my day will end right.

If your Monday ends/ended up a little blurgh like mine, I’m sure it will be the opposite as the day is about to end. If you’re like me, here’s to soft cotton pajamas and nerdy space operas!

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4 thoughts on “Mad Mondays

  1. Hope you get your much needed rest sweets! I do this often…:) it’s finals for me, so we will be in the same boat sooner than I know it. I love it when it rains and being all cozy in bed, reading/blogging/whatever:)

    • The best thing is when you’re soaking in a warm bath and you hear the rain and thunder rolling in. It’s like serenity amidst the chaos and that strangely makes it even more soothing and calm.

      I wish you all the best with your finals. I will start going to university again after almost a 3-year break, so I’m definitely going to need the support. As I will be juggling work, my little fashion business and my gym programme, I am definitely going to need an extra limb or two. Or maybe another brain!

      Here’s to living with insane schedules, surviving all that load, and being able to laugh at the end of the day.

      Stay strong, doll.

      • Evie you have no idea how much I needed to hear everything you just said. Unreal, you’re honestly amazing. Thank you so much for the support — just know that when you are going through what I am right now, I’ll be here.

        Thank you lady, xoxo

      • Aww thank you, B!
        There will definitely be sights of the crazy bag-lady with bad hair lurking around your blog seeking assurance and inspiration!


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