It amazes me how I still manage the determination to keep posting. Even when my eyelids are closing up, but perhaps I should speed up before I fall asleep on my laptop.

If you haven’t heard, Instagram is now available for Android users, and guess who jumped on the bandwagon? This Feline did! I have a near 0 following, so look me up please (username : evienereal).

My momma bought me some new shoes yesterday too. She was looking for a dress, and I was casually strolling around the shoe section and I found these adorable little pair of pastel lilac ballet pumps. They were exactly my size, and were the last pair available. It was fate, I tell you!

I eagerly tested out Instagram and graced it with these pretty shoes. They’re so cute, you can’t take your eyes off it!

I don’t know if it’s just the app or because my phone isn’t as advanced as most Droids, but uploading images on Instagram is such a pain. A lot of my images come off as distorted and that makes me so mad. Anyone else experiencing these problems? I may have to jump on another wagon and say hello to an iPhone.

But for now, Evie est fatigué. So it’s definitely bedtime for this little kitty.

Over and out.


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4 thoughts on “Flat-Out!

  1. I’m addicted to Instagram – I’ll add you now :) (nadineheather) and no, my iphone seems to upload things fine. xo

    • Thanks for following, doll. I’ve returned the favor! :D
      Hrm. I know Instagram should work fine, but since it recently became available for Android users, I suppose there might still be a few things that needs to be fixed.

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